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Nothing will be the same at the end of this summer for Gelsomina and her three younger sisters.
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We decided to make the site paparazzi free since paparazzi don't respect people's privacy anymore. Here, you can't find any paparazzi candids, only those taken while filming, having a photoshoot or on set paparazzi images. Hope you understand, we want to respect Monica's privacy and photos during shopping, eating, going out, etc will NOT be posted.


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Happy Belated Birthday, Monica!

I want to wish a happy belated birthday to Monica, I was unfortunately away in September end so I couldn’t post on-time.

Monica Bellucci, Women's World Awards 2009 b.jpg

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‘On the Milky Road’ Behind the scenes

I’ve added some on-set pictures from filming of her new movie ‘On the Milky Road’ on August 19, 2014. Enjoy!

21214_600.jpg 20936_600.jpg 20522_600.jpg 20385_600.jpg 20003_600.jpg

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Gallery: Movie Productions

I’ve added screen captures, stills, posters and photoshoots from various movies of Monica to the gallery. It’s a really massive update so enjoy!

a6~0.jpg still.jpg 1~4.jpg 17~5.jpg 7.jpg

post-19430-1224162563.jpg 2~12.jpg post-19430-1224162407.jpg 15~7.jpg 14.jpg

20~6.jpg ledeuxmoviestilltk2.jpg 20101006_MDAM3day13_3582bF.jpg tumblr_m84zsvsWc51rs1ef6o1_1280.jpg 16854_3b70b7b9.jpg

20~0.jpg MB_3.jpg 19~4.jpg 139210101_effb4c0ec9_o.jpg 18~3.jpg

12~2.jpg sorcererposter_01.jpg 3~2.jpg 139236506_45744a1eca_o.jpg Brotherhood_of_the_Wolf2.jpg

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Gallery: Magazine Scans Update

I’ve also added some magazine scans from various years of Monica! They all are just beautiful. Enjoy!

post-19430-1288194342.jpg vf5.jpg vf3.jpg Elle_Japan_-_December_2009.jpg post-19430-1299530838.jpg

w_a03005f2.jpg 9cc4d2ff5236.jpg 88c8555ae930.jpg Elle_Japan_-_December_2009_2.jpg Elle_Japan_-_December_2009_1.jpg

vf3~0.jpg vf2~0.jpg vf.jpg vf2.jpg post-19430-1292930192.jpg

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Gallery: Photo Sessions Update

I’ve added so many photoshoots of Monica from various years and she looks so gorgeous in all as usual! Enjoy!

post-19430-1220745429.jpg ab0a963d14cb.jpg 189b3f048ae9.jpg 26528_monica.jpg 347397_1d0cb6c8.jpg

73194_Frederic_Meylan_122_1193lo.jpg ph2.jpg 600full-monica-bellucci_28129.jpg 600full-monica-bellucci~1.jpg Bellucci_Monica_103.jpg

post-19430-1285602294.jpg 13~5.jpg 3318486_63d174aa.jpg 3319015_41fe399e.jpg fd24c1f4bfa4.jpg

o2.jpg TRHXV38.jpg JdcvcHS.jpg StEw7Yo.jpg Monica_Bellucci_-_Jean_Francois_Robert_Photoshoot_28229.jpg

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Grand Opening: monicabellucci.us

Hello and welcome to your newest and best fan source for everything talented and beautiful Monica Bellucci. I am trying to make the photo gallery the most complete one for Monica and currently working on media and press archives too. I’ll try to bring you everything regarding to Monica Bellucci. The site is 100% paparazzi free. Only on-set and shooting candids will be added. Visit the site daily for staying up-to-date with all the latest about Monica. Also, make sure to click on thumbnails below which will redirect you to the photo gallery.

marieclaire2.jpg 2005_1.jpg escada.jpg marieclaire.jpg collections1.jpg

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Harper’s Bazaar September 2014: ‘Icons by Carine Roitfeld’

Click to view full size image
Amazing news: Monica Bellucci is in an editorial of Harper’s Bazaar US – September 2014 issue titled ‘Icons by Carine Roitfeld’ with other beautiful and iconic women where she looks so gorgeous. The photoshoot was photographed by Sebastian Faena and styled by Carine Roitfeld.
This is what we read under a Behind The Scenes video from photoshoot on Harper’s Bazaar’s official YouTube channel: Behind-the-scenes “Icons by Carine Roitfeld” Harper’s BAZAAR September 2014 potlighting unforgettable women who are always in fashion: Monica Bellucci, Lady Gaga, Penelope Cruz, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Lara Stone, Joan Smalls, Claudia Schiffer, and Iman… The fashion portfolio will appear in the September issues of all 30 editions of the magazine, with the icons gracing all Harper’s BAZAAR September covers around the world, reaching 46 countries.
Click on the picture which is on the left for viewing full size high quality editorial image and watch a high-def behind the scenes video from the photoshoot below: Behind-the-scenes “Icons by Carine Roitfeld” Harper’s BAZAAR September 2014.

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Monica Bellucci on the cover of F Magazine

Monica is on the cover of F Magazine 25 June, 2014 issue. Click on the image below for full size.

Click to view full size image

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Madame Figaro Cannes: ‘Monica Bellucci Forever’

In ‘The Meraviglie’ Alice Rohrwacher only Italian film in competition, Monica Bellucci plays a TV presenter deified shooting in a small village in Umbria. It confirms a turn ‘auteurist’ who sees now collaborate with Philippe Garrel or Emir Kusturica. In Cannes, the Italian actress stainless splendor, announced his next project: ‘Ville-Marie,’ the Quebecois Guy Edoin (‘swamp’). Surprise in conversation with its director at the Hotel Martinez, ‘the’ Bellucci lent itself very well from a photograph for ‘Madame Figaro’. Grazie mille bellissima!

Madame Figaro

mf1.JPG mf.jpg

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‘On the Milky Road’ New Poster appeared

Here’s a new poster of ‘On the Milky Road’ starring Monica and Emir Kusturica.


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